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Our Process

  1. Pre-Production

  2. Treatment

  3. Scouting

  4. Casting

  5. Shooting

  6. Post-Production

  7. Delivery

Production Consulting 


Learn About

  • the production process

  • education & history of videography

  • the latest software & equipment of the trade & how to properly use it.

  • tips & tricks for videography

  • hands-on set training

  • freelancing & networking​

Plus much more!


Stay Tuned...


Free Tips

Industry Articles

Tricks of the Trade

E-Courses (How to Guides)

Production Strategies

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  • Are your interested in videography, but not sure where to start?

  • Have you thought about freelancing as a Videographer but need to sharpen your skills a little?

  • Have you dreamed of being a YouTube filmmaker with your very own subscribers, but not sure how to achieve it?

  • Thinking about going to school to become a Videographer, but want to experience the field first, just to be sure it's what you want to do?


 If you answered YES to any of the questions above, You're in the right place!


Let me help you make your videographer dreams come true.


ISM will provide 1 on 1 coaching & mentor services to help you achieve your production goals.

Stay Tuned

upcoming Videography tricks & tips of the trade 

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